Course slide shows for weeks 4 and 5 now available


Gurmukh Pyareo

As previously mentioned, the course lecture slides were in the process of conversion to slide shows synched with the audio from the corresponding class. This will allow the class to see and hear simultaneously from a single screen. This has now been completed for all lectures from the 15 week course.

Weeks 4 and 5 are now available in addition to the ones previously made available.

All can be viewed from the course website (Videos tab) or directly from these links:

Week 15:
Week 14:
Week 8:
Week 6:
Week 5:
Week 4:
Week 3:
Week 2:
Week 1:

No passwords are required.

We will continue to do the same for the Akath Katha lectures starting with Lecture 16.

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