Homework for weeks 9 – 13 posted.


As you know Friday classes will not be held while Simer and several members of the class travel to attend the samagam at Gurdwara Prabh Milne Ka Chao in Moga. We ask that you review the attached schedule for the simran timings and homework during the next several weeks. Although Friday classes will be cancelled there are scheduled homework assignments scheduled and they are due each subsequent Friday.

The core of the class is built around simran. For everyone hour of katha or lecture you should be doing at least 21 hours of simran. It is very difficult to understand Gurbani until you being to pull your mind out of Maya. You must start by stopping your thoughts. All of you understand what kind of effort that takes since you enrolled in this class. Use this time to catch up with missed assignments and exams and review previous lessons. Please continue to make your lekha as instructed in the last slide of the Week 8 lecture and continue do 3 hours of simran daily. The lekha needs to be done every day and they will be submitted to Simer at the end of week 15.

The homework assignments, lectures, and exams can all be found in the Homework section.

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