IMPORTANT! Fresno simran camp information – email #2

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

The Fresno camp starts on Friday. There are important details shared in this email. Please ensure you read the whole email. Also, please forward it to any sangat who is not part of email list.

These telephone numbers are of those people in Fresno to contact for questions or in case an emergency comes up:
Before You Leave Home:
First check the list of attendees (see PDF attachment or view
Second if you are flying, before you leave your home double check your flight reservations. Due to the US budget measures, American Air Traffic Control may be reduced which could cause flight delays.
Also make sure you have packed the various items listed below.
When You Arrive in the Fresno Airport:
After picking up your baggage, proceed outside Security and look for a person holding a sign saying "FRESNO SIMRAN CAMP." Car Sevadars will bring you to the Fresno Gurdwara where you can check-in, and receive your accommodations details. Food will be provided upon arrival at the Gurdwara.
Note that some sangat may receive phone calls to confirm their arrival. If you have any more concerns or questions regarding the camp please contact Simer or Rachna Kaur.
We are enthusiastically looking forward to seeing everyone!

Following are important points from the first reminder email that was sent last week:
What to bring:
  1. Appropriate clothing – comfortable but demure, and appropriate for weather. Fresno is typically between 80-90F this time of year. Keep in mind the Gurdwara is air-conditioned.
  2. Head covering
  3. Towels, toiletries and other personal effects – If you forget any personal items, there are stores and pharmacies nearby.
  4. Sitting cushion or flip chair – due to the number of attendees, wall space will be limited. Flip chairs are available via
  5. Specific food items (if needed) – you are welcome to bring any of your own items. Host families will gladly arrange refrigerator space.
See “Camps” tab on for a breakdown of the camp schedule.

Friday’s session (3pm-9pm) will include simran and general orientation.
 Lastly, please note that there will be no on-line simran from April 26 through May 3rd.
 Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Fresno Attendees public.pdf

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