mysimran.info is dedicated to helping you to achieve the purpose of your life – to meet God – through meditation.

There are many kinds of meditation. This website focuses only on simran, which is the process of learning to meet God.

“Simran” is derived from the Sanskrit word “smarana” which literally means “the act of remembrance.” Many enlightened souls have taught that by practicing simran, i.e. remembrance of God, one is purified and attains salvation.

“Si-mar” means “to die”. Through the act of constant remembrance, we kill our ego in order to have union with the ultimate Truth – God himself.

Without the ego, there is no difference between us and God.

Being able to recognize this is the ultimate success – Simran is the process of getting us there.

It is important to ensure all of your questions are addressed, so you can focus your mind on simran. There are many people who volunteer their time to help the students of this site and we are always willing to help by phone and in person.

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