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Panthic Report – Oct 18th 2018

Panthic Report
Panthic Report - Sikh motorcyclists in Ontario | Quebec religious symbols ban | Ep. 19 Week of Oct 18 2018 Sikhs who wear turbans are exempted from wearing helmets when on motorcycles in provinces that include Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba. On October 18th, Ontario will become the fourth province to join with exemptions for Sikhs. Quebec party leader and his...

The Path of God & Story of the Mind

The path of god and story of the mindvideo
Take a deep dive into the Sikh religion. Who are Sikhs? What do they believe? How does a Sikh walk on the path of God?

Panthic Report – Oct 11th

Panthic Report
As Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhandrianwale came to the San Jose gurudwara for his first of three programs on Friday Oct 5th he was welcomed by about 50 protestors that did not want the Diwan to take place. This later attracted 15 police men and woman. The protestors were requesting a sit down conversation with the parcharak from India and...

Welcome to the new mysimran.info web site!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! The mysimran.info web site has been launched. It's a new exciting look and feel on a new Home page that combines all the latest information at your finger tips including posts, videos, Instagram, and Sikh news in one convenient place. In addition, all the other information that was available on...

Naam Simran Camp – Slough UK

uk camp
Slough (London), United Kingdom *Note:* These camps require registration to provide your travel plans. Please register here (Click here to register). Also during the entire month of August, there will be special programs happening – Simran, q&a, art exhibition, kids camp and main camp. During the Children’s and Youth Camps, there will be also be guided simran in another part of the...

Sikhs Don’t Gossip at Work

gossip image
Sikhs Don’t Gossip at Work “Hey, did you hear about Jack in Sales? They’re saying he might get fired for stealing office supplies”! If you’ve ever worked in a setting with colleagues you’re quite familiar with provocations like these. Office gossip seems to invade your space at every turn. Whether in email, chat, a private Slack...

Panthic Report – July 19th

Panthic Report
This week panthic report reports on the "most organized gurdwara in the world", the Sikh inmates in Oregon's situation is worsening, Austral gurdwara in Australia still partaking in langar on tables and chairs, and SGPC deciding to set safety standards in SGPC run gurdwaras (including Siri Harmandir Sahib) https://soundcloud.com/mysimran/sikh-inmates-in-oregon-australia-gurdwara-violates-pangat-episode-6-week-of-july-19th-2018 For panthic news visit www.panthicreport.com Music: Dyallas – Radio-on Dyallas – Happy Dyallas – Alive

Without Shape, Without Form, Art Exhibition

Sikh art exhibitionvideo
UK's first permanent Sikh Art gallery is featured in Slough's Guru Maneyo Granth Gurudwara. Art was completed by Kanwar Singh of ArtofPunjab and this video was streamed on Sikh Channel originally. Please don't forget to subscribe for more Simran, Katha, Kirtan and more! And please share with family and friends.

Story of the Mind – Interfaith Highlights & Interviews

Interfaith Highlights & Interviews from recent 'Path of God & Story of the Mind' Interfaith events. Please don't forget to subscribe for more Simran, Katha, Kirtan and more! And please share with family and friends.

How to do Simran Saas Gras

How to do Saas Gras Simran. Please don't forget to subscribe for more Simran, Katha, Kirtan and more! And please share with family and friends.