Panthic Report | Ep. 24 Week of Nov 22 2018

Interview with Serene Singh, NKJ UK diwans, Tiger worldwide release | Ep. 24 Week of Nov 22 2018

Summary of podcast:

Interview with Sikh American Rhode Scholar Serene Singh – we spoke about Sikhi in day to day life, where she gets her strength from, and sewa.

Nirvair Khalsa Jathaโ€™s (NKJ) Harinder Singh announced that all of its programs have been canceled across the UK until further notice – NKJ has been facing opposition in the UK.

3 killed in terrorist attack on sikh congregation in Amritsar.

Tiger the hollywood movie based on Pardeep Singh Nagraโ€™s story as an amateur boxer Releases November 30th, we have a clip of our full length interview where he speaks about the importance of the movie. The full interview to come out early next week

British Sikh activists confronted police at a gurdwara telling them they are not welcome as they were โ€œspying on the sikh communityโ€, eventually causing the police to pack up their belongings and leave.

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