Panthic Report – November 2nd 2018

United Sikhs relief in Indonesia interview, 1984 proposed remebrance day | Ep. 21 Week of Nov 1 2018

On the podcast we have Gurvinder Singh a sewadar from the United Sikhs who has been involved in the planning and action of this campaign since day one.

Following a series of natural disasters, including several high-magnitude earthquakes, a tsunami, and volcanic eruption, UNITED SIKHS announced the launch of its “Feed-a-Family” campaign to help provide ongoing support for local residents in their time of need. Currently, the the united Sikhs hosts daily langar twice a day for displaced families whose whole villages and homes were swept into the sea during the tsunami.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath made a statement that a temple dedicated for Ram Chandra was going to be built in order to gain the support of the Sikh community,

There’s been a large uproar against this from the Sikh community
To speak about this, we have a Panthic Report correspondent from California – Sukhdeep Singh to tell us what’s wrong with this statement.

Guru Maneyo Granths Bandhi Choor Day Event

1984 Sikh Genocide wants Nov 1st to be a remembrance day for the genocide

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