Panthic Report – October 25th 2018

Panthic Report – Nishkam SWAT sewa team UK | Afghan Sikhs seek recognition in elections | Ep. 20 Week of Oct 25 2018

Randeep Lall is the founder of Nishkam SWAT (the Sikh Welfare and Awareness Team), which has a mission to feed the growing homeless population in the capital and beyond. The SWAT operation is not a standard soup kitchen. There are tables with a variety of foods and lines of more than 200 people.
Lall started off doing drug-awareness talks to young people, and in doing so he met some of those living on the streets. Sikh temples in
The Nishkam Swat Team receives the Outstanding achievement award of 2018

Afghanistan’s marginalized Sikh and Hindu minority has decided to field its candidate for the very first time in the forthcoming parliamentary elections later this month.
Narendra Singh, a young herbal medicine expert, has been nominated by the tiny minority as its candidate for the reserved seat of Wolesi Jirga (lower house).
The Afghan government reserved one seat for the Sikh and Hindu minority in 2016 along with some relaxations of rules.
Speaking to Andadolu Agency, Singh, who is the son of the community’s long-cherished slain leader Avtar Singh – who was one of the many killed in the Jalalabad terrorist attack in Juli-, said one of the biggest problems of Sikhs and Hindus in the country is that there are no dedicated schools where children can learn their own religions and native Punjabi language.

As panthic report reported last week, this is the first time the state of Arizona has renewed their teaching standards in 13 years – these teachings reach over 1 million public students every year
The sikh collation online petition had over 3,000 people nationwide show their support and informed the AZ State Board of Education why teaching Sikhism in public schools is so important.

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